Friday, May 13, 2016

Falkirk-based Beth Allen falls out of lead at 

18th at Buick Championship in China

From Bethan Cutler, LET Media Manager

Defending champion Shanshan Feng shot a bogey-free second round of six-under-par 66 in cloudy conditions at Shanghai Qizhong Garden Golf Club today to share the lead with South Korean Na Yeon Choi at the Buick Championship in China.

Feng took a no-nonsense approach on the greens which led to six birdies and a halfway total of seven-under-par. She said: I played great today. The wind was stronger and it was colder out there, so the conditions were tougher than yesterday. I made some nice putts which was different from yesterday. 
"Yesterday, those grains distracted me. I believed that it would break to the right or left, but it didn’t. Today, I took the lesson and putted them straightforward. It worked and I had a great round.”

At this point last year, Feng was six strokes clear of the field but it’s a tighter race heading into this weekend. Choi, who had a second round of 68, said: 
“My name is on the leader board so I’m pretty happy and proud of myself. I was patient out there as I didn’t have my A game, especially with my driver and irons, I missed a lot of shots. I was disappointed with myself but I tried to hang in and my caddie helped me a lot. The wind direction has been different every day so each hole it’s different, and it’s playing like a different course.”

China’s Xiyu Lin an Falkirk-bassed American Beth Allen, who were both winners on the Ladies European Tour in 2015, are a stroke behind the leaders on six under par. 
Allen held the outright lead at eight under until she hit her second shot heavy on the par-5 18th hole and it found the water, resulting in a bogey. 
She said afterwards: “I’ve been playing really well and the last is really frustrating but I have to get over it and keep making birdies so we’ll see what happens.

“I think I had 27 putts today and 28 or 29 yesterday. I hit lots of greens in general so if I’m holing putts I’m scoring pretty well. I love this golf course and played well here last year. I like the greens here and I see them. I feel really comfortable and my putting stroke is the same as Morocco.”

England’s Florentyna Parker, who finished second at last week’s Lalla Meryem Cup in Morocco, is a stroke further back, sharing fifth place with Welshwoman Becky Morgan and 15-year-old amateur Yifan Ji.
SCOTSWATCH (by Colin Farquharson)
Kylie Walker (72-147), Pamela Pretswell (73-149) and Carly Booth (76-149) all made the cut which fell at 149.
But Sally Watson out by two strokes with 76-75 for 151. 

T14Na Yeon CHOIKORF-76968--137
[+]T115Shanshan FENGCHNF-77166--137
[+]T315Xi Yu LINCHNF-67167--138
[+]T34Beth ALLENUSAF-66969--138
[+]T54Yifan JI (AM)CHNF-56970--139
[+]T520Florentyna PARKERENGF-57267--139
[+]T51Becky MORGANWALF*-56871--139
[+]T839Wei Wei ZHANGCHNF*-47466--140
[+]T84Lina BOQVISTSWEF-46971--140
[+]T84Maria VERCHENOVARUSF-46971--140
[+]T831So-Young JANGKORF-47367--140
[+]T812Nanna Koerstz MADSEN DENF*-47070--140
[+]T812Georgia HALLENGF-47070--140
[+]T1460Klara SPILKOVACZEF-37566--141
[+]T141Melissa REIDENGF-36873--141
[+]T1620Victoria LOVELADYBRAF-27270--142
[+]T1620Camilla LENNARTHSWEF-27270--142
[+]T184Liz YOUNGENGF*-16974--143
[+]T184Tao Li YANGCHNF-16974--143
[+]T1820Pei-Lin YUTPEF*-17271--143
[+]T1815Marianne SKARPNORDNORF-17172--143
[+]T2220Eleanor GIVENSENGF*E7272--144
[+]T2212Isabelle BOINEAUFRAF*E7074--144
[+]T2239Aretha PANMASF*E7470--144
[+]T221Nicole GARCIARSAF*E6876--144
[+]T2272Ursula WIKSTROMFINF*E7668--144
[+]T2731Qi TIAN (AM)CHNF*+17372--145
[+]T2739Malene JORGENSENDENF+17471--145
[+]T2715Noora TAMMINENFINF+17174--145
[+]T2720Hyeon Seo KANGKORF*+17273--145
[+]T2720Rebecca ARTISAUSF*+17273--145
[+]T274Stacy Lee BREGMANRSAF*+16976--145
[+]T2731Nicole BROCH LARSENDENF+17372--145
[+]T2739Marta SANZ BARRIOESPF*+17471--145
[+]T3520Chloe LEURQUINBELF*+27274--146
[+]T3539Valentine DERREYFRAF*+27472--146
[+]T3539Ruixin LIU (AM)CHNF+27472--146
[+]T3539Ploychompoo WIRAIRUNGRUENGTHAF+27472--146
[+]T3539Diana LUNAITAF+27472--146
[+]T4020Wannasiri SIRISAMPANTTHAF+37275--147
[+]T4031Kusuma MEECHAITHAF*+37374--147
[+]T4039Aditi ASHOKINDF*+37473--147
[+]T4060Kylie WALKERSCOF*+37572--147
[+]T4039Yuting SHICHNF+37473--147
[+]T4039Supamas SANGCHANTHAF*+37473--147
[+]T4060Isabella RAMSAYSWEF*+37572--147
[+]T4760Alexandra VILATTEFRAF*+47573--148
[+]T4731Gwladys NOCERAFRAF+47375--148
[+]T4739Connie CHENRSAF+47474--148
[+]T4772Panpan YANCHNF*+47672--148
[+]T4731Caroline MARTENSNORF+47375--148
[+]T4760Ruqing GUAN (AM)CHNF+47573--148
[+]T4739Ainil BAKARMASF+47474--148
[+]T5460Saraporn CHAMCHOITHAF+57574--149
[+]T5490Anne-Lise CAUDALFRAF+57871--149
[+]T5472Pamela PRETSWELLSCOF+57673--149
[+]T5439Trish JOHNSONENGF*+57475--149
[+]T5495Yu LIUCHNF+57970--149
[+]T5431Carly BOOTHSCOF+57376--149
[+]T5472Hsin Ning YEHTPEF*+57673--149
[+]T5415Thanuttra BOONRAKSASATTHAF*+57178--149
The Cut
-T62  Yan LIU (AM)CHNCUT+67773--150
-T62  Tiranan YOOPANTHACUT+67278--150
-T62  Punpaka PHUNTUMABAMRUNGTHACUT+67674--150
-T62  Tzu-Chi LINTPECUT+67674--150
-T62  Ye Seul LEEKORCUT+67278--150
-T67  Jade SCHAEFFERFRACUT+77477--151
-T67  Ajira NUALRAKSATHACUT+77675--151
-T67  Yan-Hong PANCHNCUT+77477--151
-T67  Justine DREHERFRACUT+77576--151
-T67  Wenqi ZHU (AM)CHNCUT+77675--151
-T67  Sally WATSONSCOCUT+77675--151
-T67  Ziqi YECHNCUT+77675--151
-T67  Jia Yun LICHNCUT+77477--151
-T67  Ling Ling TANCHNCUT+77774--151
-T67  Hsuan-Ping CHANGTPECUT+77576--151
-T77  Janya MORRAKOTPHANTHACUT+87478--152
-T77  Stacey KEATINGAUSCUT+87478--152
-T77  Hannah BURKEENGCUT+87577--152
-T77  Hye In YEOMKORCUT+87577--152
-T77  Dan LICHNCUT+87775--152
-T77  Wenbo LIU (AM)CHNCUT+87874--152
-T77  Yiyi LIU (AM)CHNCUT+87775--152
-T84  Cuixia CHENCHNCUT+98271--153
-T84  Lucie ANDREFRACUT+97776--153
-T84  Meng-Chu CHENTPECUT+97578--153
-T84  Narisara KERDRITTHACUT+97479--153
-T84  Szu-Han CHENTPECUT+97974--153
-T89  Michelle KOHMASCUT+107777--154
-T89  Jienalin ZHANGCHNCUT+107480--154
-T89  Titiya PLUCKSATAPORNTHACUT+107678--154
-T89  Amy BOULDENWALCUT+107381--154
-T93  Ai-Chen KUOTPECUT+118075--155
-T93  Yeon Mi CHOIKORCUT+117580--155
-T95  Rebecca HUDSONENGCUT+128175--156
-T95  Christine WOLFAUTCUT+128274--156
-T95  Shan PAN (AM)CHNCUT+128175--156
-98  Liqing CHENCHNCUT+137879--157
-T99  Ying YUCHNCUT+147880--158
-T99  Yu Yang ZhangCHNCUT+147781--158
-101  Fabienne IN-ALBONSUICUT+198380--163
-102  Panuma VITAYAKONKOMOLTHACUT+208381--164
  Emily Kristine PEDERSENDENW/DE