Saturday, December 05, 2015

Stacy Lewis engaged to Houston football 

(American) coach Gerrod Chadwell

Gerrod Chadwell and Stacy Lewis ( Courtesy of Stacy Lewis ). Could be a selfie?

Stacy Lewis said yes to Houston University coach Gerrod Chadwell on the grounds of her beloved Arkansas. It was game day for the Razorbacks, and Chadwell had convinced Lewis to give him a campus tour. Only it was pouring rain, and Chadwell wasn’t sure if she’d even get out of the truck, let alone go hunt for her name on the university’s senior walk.
Soaked up to their knees and huddled under an umbrella, Lewis found her name etched into stone moments before 38-year-old Chadwell popped the question.
 They celebrated on with friends and family in a private skybox, watching Arkansas romp Missouri, 28-3. In a year where victory had eluded America’s top golfer, life couldn’t have been more sweet.
“There are no surprises with her,” said Chadwell, who knew better than to propose to the introverted Lewis on the Jumbotron at Razorback Stadium or, worse yet, on the field