KirkwoodGolf: Anstruther player is MGR Ladies Golf of the Week

Friday, June 05, 2015

Anstruther player is MGR Ladies Golf of the Week

This week's MGR Ladies' Golfer of the Week is Janet Wilson (Anstruther Ladies) who enters the top 10  at joint No 8.
=., Fife Ladies, Week 2015/22
1 Dianne Watson (Leven GS) 1117 pts
2 Mary Donaldson (Canmore) 1105
3 Lia Maxwell (Aberdour) 1022
4 Linda McDonald (Ladybank) 1000
5 Lorna Bennett (Leven GS) 935
6 Karin Sharp (Kirkcaldy) 933
7 Laura Mason (St Michaels) 900
T8 Terry Mullen (St Michaels), *Janet Wilson (Anstruther) 882
10 Susan Madeiros (Crail) 881., Fife Clubs Ladies, Week 2015/22
1 Anstruther 803 pts
2 Leven GS 765
3 Kinghorn 677
4 Canmore 660
5 Pitreavie 655

*New Entry this week

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