KirkwoodGolf: Leicestershire's Cath and Alison win LGU Peugeot Coronation Foursomes

Monday, September 26, 2011

Leicestershire's Cath and Alison win LGU Peugeot Coronation Foursomes

Alison Mason (left) with the sponsors Peugeot representative, Sam Meacock, and Cath Arter (right) at the prizegiving dinner in the Old Course Hotel, St Andrews.

Two Leicestershire ladies won the 2011 Peugeot Ladies Golf Union Coronation foursomes' grand final played over the Eden Course, St Andrews.
Cath Arter and Alison Mason from Rothley Park Golf Club average two Stableford points a hole in heading the field of 16 partnerships with a total of 36 off 19 (half their combined handicap). Cath has a handicap of 8.6 and Alison 28.9/
Jackie Van Bergen and Alison Noy from Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club were runners-up, a point behind on 35 off 19. Jackie plays off 21 and Alison 16.
They finished two points clear of the third placed Sarah Raffery and Celia Devlin from Dungannon, Ireland who totalled 33 off 12. Sarah has a handicap of 5.9 and Celia 18.1.
The Peugeot LGU Coronation Foursomes is one of the biggest in Europe with a total figure of 34,000 competitors spread across 1,400 golf clubs in Great Britain and Ireland involved at the start of the qualifying rounds.
The 16 qualifying pairs had all expenses paid, travel included, as they stayed two days at St Andrews' five-star Old Course Hotel, played over the Eden Course and ended up with a prizegiving dinner in the hotel on the Monday night.
The bonus for winners Cath and Alison is a place in next year's Ricoh Women's British Open pro-am at Royal Liverpool Golf Club's Hoylake links where they will rub shoulders with the best lady professionals from the Ladies European Tour and the United States' LPGA Tour.

1 - 36pt Cath Arter (8.6) and Alison Mason (28.9) (Rothley Park) (19).
2 - 35pt Jackie Van Bergen (21) and Alison Noy (16) (Felixstowe Ferry) (19).
3 - 33pt Sarah Rafferty (5.9) and Celia Devlin (18.1) (Dunngannon) (12)
T4 - 31pt Chris Rossiter (8.2) and Roberta Budd (24.7) (Newport) (17).
T4 - 31pt Kirstin Everett (14) and Joan Shanks (18.5) (Merchants of Edinburgh) (17).
6 - 30pt Rosemary McNamara (20) and Lindsey Williams (20) (Ealing) (20).
7 - 29pt Betty (29) Caw and Marion Kloepfer (27) (The Glen) (28).
T8 - 28pt Elaine Clark (1.6) and Barbara Whiting (21.6) (Manchester) (12).
T8 - 28pt Mi Kyung Kwon (29) and Young Joo Hong (32) (Malden) (31).
T8 - 28pt Marion Kennedy (28.7) and Sarah Vaughan (11.5) (Rathbane) (20).
11 - 27pt Kathleen Stalker (18.2) and Caroline Gordon (13.2) (Murcar Links) (16).
12 - 26pt Charlotte Gartell (16) and Jill Smith (32.6) (Sherborne) (24).
T13 - 24pt Margaret Pickard (5.2) and Ally Hansen (4.2) (Alnmouth) (5).
T13 - 24pt Dawn Close (11) and Katie Clark (22) (Saltburn-by-the-Sea) (17).
15 - 20pt Jane Millington (22.5) and Tracy Brookman (31) (Beau Desert) (27).
16 - 18pt Christine Evans (19.1) and Angie Jones (20.8) (Warren) (20).