Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nicola Melville could
step into limelight on
Xltec Pro Tour

Aberdeen-born Nicola Melville's golfing career has never received much publicity - but all that could change once the lady pro section of the new Xltec Pro Tour tees off at Hilton Park Golf Club on April 28-29.
Nicola, who has just turned 24, is looking forward to the chance to play competitively more often than she has done in the past. So the Xltec Pro Tour has come along at just the right time. So who is Nicola Melville?
(Thanks to her mother Fiona for elaborating on her daughter's CV for!)
Born in Aberdeen but brought up in Bridge of Allan, she took up golf when she was 14 and was twice ladies champion at Bridge of Allan and once at Stirling (aged 17/18) while playing for Stirling & Clackmannan and East of Scotland Girls.
Nicola decided to join the PGA's Foundation Degree programme and initially started as an assistant professional at Blairgowrie Golf Club and then transferred to the Old Course Hotel, St Andrews four years ago.
The demands of working full time at a resort hotel meant very little time for playing and she has now left the Old Course Hotel in recent weeks to focus on improving her game. She is staying in the St Andrews area, working part time and hoping to supplement her income with some coaching and refereeing (having taken the Advanced Rules of Golf and Refereeing course).
She is going to be coaching at the Scottish Golf Show this weekend.
Her website is and she is representing herself and is delighted at having the opportunity of playing on the new Scottish tour as well as some WPGA events and hopefully a few PGA Scottish Region events.
Nicola Melville. Remember where you read the name.