Monday, March 22, 2010

Dean Robertson coaching Linlithgow children at the Kingsfield Festival (Image by kby Rob Eyton-Jones)

Kingsfield Kids have fun with Dean Robertson

Linlithgow’s Kingsfield Driving Range welcomed 73 local primary school children for its first ever festival which could encourage youngsters to develop a life-long interest in the game.
Last year 1,400 West Lothian P5 children (70% of the total year roll) experienced the game at school through clubgolf’s introductory game.
clubgolf is Scotland’s legacy programme for Scotland’s successful bid to host the 2014 Ryder Cup and a partnership between the Scottish Golf Union, the Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association, the Professional Golfers' Association, the Golf Foundation and sportscotland.
“The inspiration for the festival came from the fact the primary schools in Linlithgow have a number of sports festivals each year which tend to be rugby, hockey and football,” said Kingsfield Manager, David Mitchell.
“We have a real family atmosphere at Kingsfield and are working hard to get more kids involved in the game. We approached the local Active Schools Co-ordinator and offered the centre for the day and set up some games and brought in a personality”.
The personality was Dean Robertson, the 1999 Italian Open winner and 2006 Scottish PGA champion who now runs the highly successful Scottish Junior Golf Tour.
“My philosophy is about creating games for learning and understanding which is what we rolled out here today,” he said.
“I’m huge on positive coaching. In order to learn you have to create an environment which is synonymous with having fun. That was evident today where the kids were really buzzed and they enjoyed it.
“clubgolf introduces the kids at beginner level with simple games that were on show today. One of the teachers hit the nail on the head today when she said the improvement in the kids as they go around is incredible.”
With clubgolf’s introductory game set to introduce over 41,000 to the game this spring Kingsfield’s involvement comes at the perfect time.
“The festival was fantastically well organised and the children loved the day,” said Active Schools Co-ordinator Lauren McLean, who supports school staff to deliver the introductory game and creates links between schools and local clubs.
“We have taught clubgolf in school for a number of years and we are very fortunate in having golf clubs in Linlithgow offering clubgolf coaching that the schools can feed into.
“Kingsfield complements these clubs by offering different services such as holiday programmes and another advantage is that it has a covered driving range.”
“These children get clubgolf coaching in school during the day and they now get the opportunity to go to Kingsfield and get the chance to carry on playing golf.”
Rob Eyton-Jones
clubgolf Media Manager
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