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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scots girls having a nightmare in "The Spirit"


There is an art to better-ball team scoring at international level, usually involving a delicate balance between one player making sure of a par while the other has a go for a birdie.
Scotland's male pair - Scott Mann (Carnoustie), pictured right, and Scott Borrowman (Dollar) - seemed to get the hang of it by improving on the first-round performance with a three-under-par better ball score of 69 on the second day of The Spirit mixed amateur international team golf tournament at Whispering Pines Golf Club, Trinity in Texas today.
But things went from bad to worse for the Scots' girls, Michele Thomson from Ellon and Auchterarder's Emily Ogilvy. It would seem that neither is playing well, so going for a birdie is not in the game plan.
Their better-ball second round score was a nine-over-par 81, following their 78 on the first day.
Today Michele and Emily had two better-ball double-bogey 6s, five better-ball bogeys and not a single birdie in sight for either player.
The men's and women's scores are added together for a team total and Scotland's 36-hole aggregate of 301 puts them almost at the bottom of the table of 23 competing countries. Only Puerto Rico (304) and Brazil (312) are below them.
270 Korea.
272 England (130 Gary Boyd & Daniel Willett 63 67; 142 Naomi Edwards & Elizabeth Bennett 71 71).
278 South Africa.
279 France, Norway.
280 Australia, Canada.
282 United States.
283 Chinese Taipei.
288 Germany.
289 New Zealand, Italy.
Other totals:
292 Wales (146 Adam Runcie & Jamie Howie 74 72; 146 Sahra Hassan & Tara Davies 71 75).
301 Scotland (142 Scott Borrowman & Scott Mann 73 69; 159 Emily Ogilvy & Michele Thomson 78 81).
304 Puerto Rico.
312 Brazil.

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