KirkwoodGolf: Irish Ladies Golf Union Press Release

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Irish Ladies Golf Union Press Release

1ST – 3RD AUGUST 2007

Points Table
1st Leinster 2pt
2nd Munster 1pt
3rd Connacht 1pt
4th Ulster 0

Thursday 2nd August
Munster 6 - 3 Connacht (Munster names first)
Eileen Rose Power & Marian Riordan lost to Niamh Kitching & Sarah Faller 1up
Sarah Cunningham & Holli Snelling lost to Sinead O’Sullivan & Anne McCormack 3&2
Gillian O’Leary & Catherine Tucker beat Darragh McGowan & Emma Gilmore 6&5
Gillian O’Leary beat Niamh Kitching 1up
Marian Riordan beat Emma Gilmore 4&3
Catherine Tucker beat Sarah Faller 2&1
Sarah Cunningham beat Fiona Moclair 1up
Naoimh McMahon lost to Anne McCormack 2&1
Eileen Rose Power beat Sinead O’Sullivan 4&3
Leinster 6 - Ulster (Leinster names first)
Karen Delaney & Tara Delaney halved with Charlene Reid & Lucy Simpson
Deirdre Smith & Jenny Gannon beat Helen Jones & Naoimh Quigg 5&4
Maura Morrin & Mary Dowling lost to Nikki Moore & Gemma Hegarty 2&1
Karen Delaney beat Gemma Hegarty 6&5
Tara Delaney beat Naoimh Quigg 5&4
Maria Dunne halved with Charlene Reid
Deirdre Smith beat Louise Coffey 1up
Jenny Gannon beat Nikki Moore 4&3
Maura Morrin lost to Helen Jones 1up

Draw for Friday 3rd August
Connacht –v- Leinster (Connacht names first)
08:30 Niamh Kitching & Sarah Faller –v- Karen Delaney & Tara Delaney
08:40 Darragh McGowan & Ailbhe Farrell –v- Deirdre Smith & Jenny Gannon
08:50 Sinead O’Sullivan & Anne McCormack –v- Dawn Marie Conaty & Maura Morrin

Ulster –v- Munster (Ulster names first)
09:00 Charlene Reid & Lucy Simpson –v- Gillian O’Leary & Catherine Tucker
09:10 Nikki Moore & Gemma Hegarty –v- Karen O’Neill & Naoimh McMahon
09:20 Helen Jones & Naoimh Quigg –v- Eileen Rose Power & Marian Riordan

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