Monday, August 06, 2007


A repeat of last year’s Lyon Inter-Club Foursomes final is on the cards at Balgownie on Tuesday afternoon after title-holders Aberdeen Ladies, playing on their home course, and beaten finalists Murcar Links reached the semi-finals.
Aberdeen Ladies, represented by the same quartet – Sheena Wood and Ellie Whyte, and Carol Whicher and Lesley Hardie beat Deeside by a combined 11-hole margin before eliminating the Aberdeen Ladies 2 team by four holes, thanks to a seven-up performance by Carol and Leslie in the second-string contest.
Murcar Links are also fielding an unchanged team and Laura McLardy, Carol Wilson, Donna Pocock and Frances Neish showed no mercy in beating Banchory by 20 holes and their own Murcar Links 2 team by 17 holes.
The semi-final line-up is Aberdeen Ladies v Kemnay and Murcar Links 1 v Dunecht House.
Aberdeen Ladies 1 bt Deeside by 11 holes (S Wood, E Whyte 1, F Hay, M Millership 0; C Whicher, L Hardie 10, F Reiss, M Parkinson 0).
Aberdeen Ladies 2 bt Cruden Bay by one hole (S Fil, F Seedhouse 5, C Middleton, M Kay 0; J Wheeler, C Kyle 0, K Stalker, M Miller 4).
Westhill bt Ballater by two holes (L Wilson, S Leslie 0, H Backhouse, L Backhouse 0; J Lees, F Ramage 2, R Roy, A Horne 0).
Kemnay bt Newburgh by two holes (J Whitehead, S Taylor 1, L Carnie, R Dunsmuir 0; Y Moir, C Gordon 1, K Esslemont, J Murray 0).
Murcar Links 1 bt Banchory by 20 holes (L McLardy, C Wilson 9, G Christie, H Edon 0; D Pocock, F Neish 11, M Clapperton, E Cook 0).
Murcar Links 2 bt Stonehaven by 14 holes (S Thomson, K Thomson 9, F Lamont, J Morrison 0; P Wilson, M Robinson 5, C Duncan, W Lawrence 0).
Dunecht House bt Inchmarlo by three holes (A Anderson, M Chalmers 0, A Harper, T Halliwell 4, P Morton, S Leheny 7, K Leiper, B Lilley 0).
Hazlehead bt Aboyne at 19th (G Melvin, L Thomson 0, E Brown, M Burgess 3; L McPherson, B Rivollier 3, M Wilson, E Watson 0).
Aberdeen Ladies 1 bt Aberdeen Ladies 2 by four holes (Wood, Whyte 0, Fil, Seedhouse 3; Whicher, Hardie 7, Wheeler, Kyle 0).
Kemnay bt Westhill by two holes (J Whitehead, S Taylor 0, L Wilson, S Leslie 2; Y Moir, C Gordon 4, J Lees, F Ramage 0).
Murcar Links 1 bt Murcar Links 2 by 17 holes (McLardy, C Wilson 9, S Thomson, K Thomson 0; Pocock, Neish 8, P Wilson, Robinson 0).
Dunecht House bt Hazlehead by three holes (Anderson, Chalmers 0, Melvin, Thomson 0; Morton, Leheny 3, McPherson, Rivollier 0).