Sunday, August 19, 2007 DOES A 'QUICK 18'

1 Who would be in your dream foursome?
Tiger Woods, my mom, my husband and Mike Myers.

2 Name one thing you always keep stocked in your refrigerator?
Ken's Raspberry Vinaigrette.

3 If you could possess one super human power what would it be?
To fly.

4 What is your favorite store to shop in?

5 What is your favourite season?

6 If your life was going to be made into a movie, who would you want to play the leading role?
Daryl Hanna.

7 What do you usually eat for breakfast before your round?
Oatmeal, toast, eggs.

8 What was your first job?
I was a bartender.

9 What is your favourite golf movie?
Caddy Shack.

10 What song would you sing if you had to sing Karaoke?
"Like a Virgin" by Madonna.

11 What would we find in your golf bag besides clubs?
Power Bars.

12 Which do you prefer? To cook, be cooked for, go out to eat, order take out?
Cook and be cooked for.

13 If you could be on a reality TV show, what would it be?
Big Brother.

14 Do you have any pet peeves?
Sleeping in an unmade bed.

15 What other sport would you like to be good at?

16 What beauty product can you not live without?
Oil of Olay SPF 15.

17 Peanut Butter. Crunchy or Creamy?

18 What is your favourite way to stay in shape?
Elliptical machine.